Watermill Station Office Suites

Watermill Station is conveniently located in the heart of the thriving south fork of Long Island, well-known for its affluent visitors and residents. Businesses can take advantage of a multitude of market opportunities in this popular area, whether in the medical, legal, construction, design, personal fitness, or other fields of service. In fact, many successful companies utilize the Southampton area as a satellite location to their prime hub in New York City. Just past the relative hustle and bustle of Southampton, Watermill Station offers a calming setting. Birds can be heard chirping outside your office window, absent the sounds of police sirens and honking horns. A short stroll into town offers numerous eateries across the street from the famous wind mill. Gorgeous ocean beaches are a mere mile or two from the office. All of the business amenities you need are within close reach.

The office condominium style complex was completed in 2014. No construction details were spared, as the flavor and quality of carpentry is reflective of some of the most beautiful mega-homes in the area. The managing owner, Bridgehampton Partners, LLC., is affiliated with a well-established building contractor who has been in business in Southampton since 1920 and who designed and built the Water Mill Station business complex. Furthermore, the property is managed by this same company, giving the tenants a single point of contact for any maintenance needs. We retain a steady portfolio of subcontractors (electricians, plumbers/HVAC, landscapers, painters, etc.), so any maintenance requirements are dealt with quickly and professionally.

Watermill Station consists of seven separate ‘condominiums’. Each suite includes a section in our humidity-controlled basement for your storage requirements. Trash pickup, landscaping, irrigation, and snow removal are all included in the lease.



Watermill Station History

Watermill Station originally opened in 1875 on the west side of Halsey Lane (now Old Mill Road). It served the Sag Harbor Branch. On June 1, 1895, the Long Island Rail Road built the Montauk Extension east of Bridgehampton, New York, transforming the line into the Montauk Branch. The station was moved to its current site in August 1903. It had a connecting road along the line to Deerfield Road which was eliminated sometime after the station was closed. It has since been rebuilt as the former station and surrounding land was converted (in the early 2010s) into an office complex. The station was closed in the 1940s, but continued to be used as a stop until 1968. Unlike the nearby Bridgehampton station, which was razed in 1964 and replaced with a shelter in 1968, Watermill Station continues to stand well after it was closed by the Long Island Rail Road, and operated as a restaurant for much of the late-20th Century.

Water Mill History

In 1644, England gave Edward Howell 40 acres of land near the new settlement of Southampton to build a mill for settlers to grind their grain into meal. It became a landmark. People began referring to other settlements that popped up as “east or west of the watermill.” By the 1800s, the area was known as Water Mills and was later changed to Water Mill. Howell’s Water Mill was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. Today, the hamlet boasts its status as the only settlement on the South Fork of Long Island with both a functioning watermill and windmill. Today Water Mill is a resort community of beautiful beaches, farms and mega mansions.



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Bill Koral
Office: (631) 283-0033


Bill Koral
Office: (631) 283-0033